The friendly and experienced couriers at CCS

Not only has Cambridge Courier Services enjoyed a long and happy relationship with many of its valued customers over the last 25 years but also their fleet of long term employees suggests a happy and contented workforce.

Some of our experienced couriers have been with Cambridge Courier Services for many years…

Richard – 23 years service

Richard, based between Haverhill and Newmarket, has been a courier with CCS for over 23 years, driving many vehicles from small vans right up to a 3½ ton truck. He is currently enjoying the benefits of German engineering whilst driving a VW transporter van.

As you can imagine Richard has witnessed many changes during these years. Maps have been replaced by satellite navigation devices whilst mobile phones and live vehicle tracking have rendered two-way radios redundant.

During his time at Cambridge Courier Services, he has also witnessed many improvements to the UK road network. The A1 between Huntingdon and Peterborough has been widened and improved to motorway status making it a faster route to the north. Cambridge centre has had vehicle restriction imposed and on 17th February 2003, the ‘London Congestion Charge’ was introduced.

Richard recalls, “One of my most difficult jobs was to deliver a piano to a second-floor property… it made me sweat but I managed in the end!”

Though he also remembers his favourite trip – “I had a lovely three day trip to Marseille in the south of France. I was delivering for a shop fitting company… I felt very lucky and thoroughly enjoyed this journey!”

Mark – 18 years service

Another long-serving member of the fleet is Mark. He has now been driving for Cambridge Courier services for fourteen years.

Mark recalls several unusual deliveries.

“I can remember one very urgent delivery. A gentleman who had picked up his wife’s spectacles by mistake was at Heathrow awaiting a flight to the USA on business. I needed to get to the airport with the correct spectacles before his flight departed – it was quite stressful as I understood the importance and urgency of the task.”

“I also collected an empty cardboard box from London to return to Cambridge. I was somewhat confused that it was completely empty, though I was relieved when it transpired that it was exactly what the customer wanted.”

Mick – 11 years service

Mick is now in his 11th year and also drives a VW Transporter. Mick joined us having worked in a factory since leaving school. He is enjoying the freedom that courier work gives him.

One of Mick’s memorable jobs was to take five jam jar lids to a halted production line in Somerset; this was one of his first jobs and shocked him into realizing how important our job actually is. The whole factory had come to a standstill so a lot was riding on CCS that day!

Cambridge Courier Services has delivered to many well-known locations: Buckingham Palace, the Tower Of London, Houses of Parliament, Great Ormond St hospital, Glastonbury festival and Ascot on race day!

Managing Director Keith recalls, “If an item exists, there’s a good chance we’ve delivered it at some point, from the most obvious to the more obscure; passports, visas, tender documents, kitchens, medical samples, blood, car parts, trees and of course, pianos.”

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