Cambridge Courier in LondonA brother and sister team!

Combined, they have 55 years experience in the same-day courier industry. Making Cambridge Courier Services, a family of experience.

Keith started back in 1989 as a motorcycle courier.

“I Remember spending my first 12 months soaked to the skin. I covered 96,000 miles this year on a 600cc Yamaha…and loved it apart from becoming a little saddle sore!”

Jan just took naturally to the job. One of her main achievements was a regular Friday multi-drop around the hotels in London such as The Ritz and The Savoy etc.

Jan says:

“I was driving a 3.5 tonne long wheelbase van with up to 20 drops in London on a Friday!…I regarded this as a challenge”

A challenge many of the more experienced male couriers shied away from…but the knowledge and ability gained from this have given her the tools required to successfully run our very busy control room with efficiency and total professionalism.