Cambridge Courier Services Celebrates 25 Years of Parcel Delivery

How it all started…
Parcel Delivery Cambridge

Keith Perry, Founder of CCS

Well it’s been a while since Keith, founder and director of Cambridge Courier Services, set off on his motorcycle with his first parcel delivery back in April 1993… “I remember that actual job; it was to Bristol for a company based in Mercers Row. I was so excited… my new business was up and running!”

The idea of forming his own Cambridgeshire based courier company came from his love of riding motorcycles, “Is there a better way to earn a living than by doing something you already enjoy so much?”

“The only difference was once you are offering a professional parcel service there was no ‘wimping out’ if it was cold, raining or even snowing on some occasions.”

“I recall setting off from Cambridge on a parcel delivery to Southampton one cold November morning in drizzle. By the time I reached the M25 the rain had turned to sleet and before I was half way I was riding through horizontal driving snow and wind! But it was all worth it when I arrived at my destination and saw the service engineers face light up with joy and gratitude.”

21 Years of professional parcel delivery services

Since then Cambridge Courier Services, now based in Cottenham, have grown from strength to strength. Over the years it has been necessary to relocate their office several times in and around Cambridge to accommodate growth. They now control an ever-expanding Cambridge based fleet from their control room in Cottenham.

Now in their 21st year Cambridge Courier Services are regularly delivering to multi-national organisations not just in Cambridge, but nationwide. Through their comprehensive and diverse fleet of vehicles, CCS delivers same day parcels to all corners of the UK…and beyond!

With their Cottenham control room managed by Jan and their fleet of vehicles parked strategically in key locations throughout Cambridgeshire, they provide a unique, rapid response to calls for same day delivery from anywhere in the local area.

Jan celebrates 6th anniversary at CCS

Jan, Manager and Head Controller, has worked for Cambridge Courier Services twice during their 21 years and this week sees her 6th anniversary since her return to the helm! Jan is no novice either. Her experience as a Courier serves her well in her current role as a courier controller.

In the late 90’s Jan used to drive to London every Friday in a 3.5 ton van with the ‘Hotel Chocolates run’. This would generally entail around 15 time-critical deliveries to hotels in London, including The Savoy, The Ritz, etc.

Jan reminisces, “I can remember on one occasion I had 22 deliveries to do around London on a Friday in a very large van… I managed it and felt very proud! Experiences like these have set me in good stead for my current position. I have earned the respect of my staff in a mainly male dominated industry which is a ‘must’ in my position.”

What next for Cambridge Courier Services

21 years has seen so many changes: paper booking dockets replaced with computers, 2-way radios replaced with mobile phones, etc. Whilst many of their ‘old school’ couriers still prefer to use existing experience and hard earned knowledge and maps, these have been largely replaced by satellite navigation devices. Then there’s the added bonus of Live Vehicle Tracking…
…How did we do it back then?!

Our Parcel Delivery service continues to reach new areas in the UK, with our same day delivery proving extremely popular with both local businesses in Cambridgeshire and UK based multi-nationals.


  1. Wendy Carpenter

    Well done Keith et al! I remember your company when I worked on the Cambridge Science Park. I am also sure we would have used you when delivering urgent paperwork to the large financial institutions in London……Congratulations and long may your company continue to thrive. Best wishes and kind regards Wendy and John